Plastic Surgery Procedures that Make You Look Younger

Although it is arguable that pretty much all plastic surgery procedures make you look younger, there are some more sought after for this reason than others. Here's a list and a brief description of each procedure I think of when I am thinking of ways to look younger.

This cosmetic procedure is an injection that smooths over frown lines and other wrinkcles for a few months to a year. Some women also get botox in order to achieve fuller lips. The substance used was originally used to treat muscle spasms, but cosmetic surgeons soon realized that the injection helped men and women look much younger.

The ultimate anti-aging procedure known as the facelift literally lifts skin and tissue on the face in order to take several years off one's appearance. This is surgery so it's much more involved than botox injections, but it lasts longer too. There's some recovery time after surgery, but many people find the results are totally worth it. This procedure can get rid of most signs of aging from the neck up.

Eyelid Surgery
Several women find that over the years their eyes start to droop and make them look tired and/or older. Eyelid surgery is one way to take years off of one's appearance and get rid of the "crows feet" so many women hate.

Forehead Lift
One area that tends to get lots of wrinkles as we age is the forehead. Although you can try to avoid certain facial expressions, etc., most likely the wrinkles will still find you. This procedure lifts skin in the area, getting rid of the vast majority of those wrinkles, if not all of them.

Breast Lift
After having kids or just aging in general, women's breasts tend to drop lower. This can make many females feel older and makes their bodies look older than they are sometimes. A breast lift literally picks the breasts up and lifts them to where they used to be. This makes several of the women who have had the surgery feel much more confident as well as younger.

Vein Treatment
The last cosmetic surgery procedure I'll mention is vein treatment. Most of the time, your veins don't start showing until later in life, if at all. This may be why so many people feel old when they have this condition. Wearing hose all of the time is a nusance and hot in the Houston area. This procedure makes a night and day difference in the appearance of one's legs who has vericose veins. Most are very happy they decided to go through with getting treatment.

Of course there are other plastic surgery procedures that turn back the clock. These were just a few of the most popular. Give Dr. Wuest's office a call at 936-441-8855 to schedule a consultation to look your best at any age.

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